In a brand new video for the buoyant tropical-tinged single “Impact,” L.A. pop chanteuse Juliette Commagere dons some fancy frills and dances around in a room full of rainbows.

There's something hypnotizing about the whole experience — that beguiling voice matched with those made-up eyes, the luminescent tones accompanied by the bright colors, the bubbly bass inspiring the hypnotic choreography. Wait … did she just do the Dougie?

It's all there: the head wipe, the wardrobe pop (more of a brush, but still), and as the photo above clearly illustrates, she has no problem gettin' flyer than a muh'fu– well, you get the idea. Commagere's second album, The Procession dropped on L.A.'s own Manimal Vinyl October 26. Download Keepaway's blissed up, synthed out remix of “Impact” below.

MP3: Juliette Commagere – “Impact (Keepaway Remix)”

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