Intense character actor John Forsythe died today at 92.

For some, he was the old rich white guy in Dynasty (the '80s version of The Hills).

For others, he was the disembodied voice of a mysterious pimp in Charlie's Angels (the '70s version of The Girls Next Door).

For us, however, he will forever be the square gentleman tortured by degenerate beatniks to the tune of stoner jazz in the Anne-Margret vehicle Kitten With a Whip. Here's the best clip of one of the best films ever, a movie Pauline Kael allegedly once called “the Citizen Kane of degenerate-beatniks-keeping-a-square-hostage-and-torturing-him-with-sex-and-jazz movies.”


ps: Where have you gone, Anne-Margret? We love you. Come back to pop culture!

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