You should have read by now our enlightening article on the challenge to KCRW and other NPR stations by GOP and Tea Party goons, who are trying to defund them through Congress. As we said before, we support KCRW and all the other Public Radio stations and everything they do for good music in LA.

We also love to tease Jason Bentley, our beloved Sex Vampire from Planet Pottery Barn, Mellifluous Stud of the Morning Commute, and secret object of torrid desire of the sorta-affluent late-30s demographic.

Well, today, through his Twitter account, possibly delirious from the endless pledge drive that ends today (go donate now if you haven't done so), Jason finally cracked and demanded money, drugs and sex from the KCRW listeners. Behold:

Submit to the Bentley! Do it now!

Submit to the Bentley! Do it now!

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