We all want a greener earth. And almost everyone knows how to achieve it — by being environmentally conscious with our everyday decisions! Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Turns out, however, not so much!

Some People Apparently Fake Being Environmentally Conscious

Sustainable living is quite a difficult life to sustain. In a poll that Avocado Green Mattress initiated, 53% of the folks that they surveyed said they “exaggerated” their environmentally conscious efforts in order for others to be impressed by their lifestyle — which doesn’t sound too harmful. After all, helping Mother Earth is indeed impressive. However, 54% of the respondents said that had nobody been around, they probably won’t make that much of an effort to go green.

Many choose to be more eco-friendly for sincere reasons and utmost concern for the environment. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone. 20% of those who were asked in the poll said that their main reason for going green was because of the pressure from society; 19% became environmentally conscious because they’re afraid that they’ll be judged.

Fortunately, the majority still believe that their decision to live more sustainably will eventually pay off — as most of them say that they make eco-friendly decisions for future generations. Others simply just care for the planet and want to protect it. And many of them do it because, for them, it’s the “right thing to do.”

3 Habits That Aren’t So Eco-Friendly After All

You’d think that being environmentally conscious means having to take giant steps that will impact your life drastically. But this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are some “eco-friendly” habits that aren’t as sustainable as they’re advertised to be — especially in the long run.

1. Buying “Eco-Friendly” Containers

Stainless, aluminum, bamboo, and other trending food and beverage containers are definitely not as harmful as the ones made out of plastic. However, if you’re going to make a conscious effort to toss out your existing ones and spend money just to purchase those reusable ones, it might not exactly be a sustainable way of living.

Moreover, your food containers don’t always have to be what the hottest thing in the market or TikTok and YouTube ads are, if you’re already done with that last pickle, keep the jar! It’s a free food container!

2. Taking Ride Shares

Air pollution literally (and figuratively) stinks! That’s why we’re often told just how terrible carbon emissions are to the planet. Fewer cars on the roads and less frequent car rides may be undeniably helpful to our environment, but bicycles exist as well! They’re not only cheaper to maintain, but riding one is also going to make you become a healthier person. And, of course, it’s greener!

3. Tossing Out Biodegradable Stuff — Even if It’s in the Right Bin

We’re often reminded to separate our trash from biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and recyclables. Doing this may be a good start to becoming more eco-conscious, but when you don’t think about where it goes afterward, it might just not do much for the planet — as it still goes to the landfill. Furthermore, if your biodegradable trash can be composted, you can do that instead.

And finally,

An environmentally conscious way of living isn’t exactly “effortless” — and many find that it’s difficult to even get into. In a recent survey, it turns out that even some of the people who say that they’re living sustainably aren’t as eco-friendly with their habits as they claim — some do it because it’s “trendy.” However, regardless of your reasons for wanting to be more environmentally conscious, what we can’t deny is the planet is in need of your efforts — do it for the earth and its future dwellers — even if no one’s looking!



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