EarthHero Wants To Make Sustainable Shopping The Norm

Inspiring entrepreneur Ryan Lewis created EarthHero to connect you to sustainable products that you can be proud to use in your home, on your body, and share with your families and friends.

There are more than 7 billion people on this planet, and when it comes to sustainability, everyone is at a different part of their journey. Thankfully there are plenty of companies that create eco-friendly products to assist you on your expedition, and EarthHero is an online marketplace where you can find almost all of them. With a passion for nature, and two decades of experience in business, inspiring entrepreneur Ryan Lewis created EarthHero to connect you to products that you can be proud to use in your home, on your body, and share with your friends and families; all with the goal to make living more sustainably the new norm. “If you’re the kind of person that recognizes the way we live and consume on the planet needs to change, we’re offering a trusted and convenient way to opt in,” Lewis says.

Using a proprietary 5-Step Sourcing Methodology, EarthHero’s commitment is to do the hard work on researching a product’s sustainability, so you don’t have to. “We’re looking at it from the perspective of how the product is manufactured, transported, and packaged. We look at every ingredient and material.” Lewis says. “We do a complete audit, and every company on our website has been approved by us,” he adds. This methodology has curated a community of over 300 eco-friendly brands with thousands of sustainable products.

EarthHero wants to share the product’s sustainability information with you too, and ensures every product page allows the user to learn exactly what makes a particular product sustainable. “People are becoming conscious of the power of their purchases. They’re not only waking up to the value of the environment, but also the fact that each purchasing decision can tip the balance.” he adds. As more good products are purchased, it creates less demand for products that harm the planet. We are creating a new norm. Choices make changes.”

Lewis believes that everyone can make more sustainable choices, but to make more informed decisions, you must be aware and educated of the consequences of your actions. With EarthHero, Lewis strives to provide education on how to live more sustainably by consuming consciously–the positive choices you make today will impact your tomorrow.

“I don’t think many people understand the magnitude of decimated ecosystems that are happening every minute of every day due to consumption, and how we will not necessarily get these resources back,” he says. “Once you know the impact our ecosystems face, you have a choice to make with that information.”

As an individual, every eco-friendly purchase you make doesn’t just support a company, it supports a movement that demands better manufacturing and business practices that are kinder to our planet. All of EarthHero’s products source sustainable materials, have cleaner production operations, a lower carbon footprint, are higher-quality, and create a lot less waste. You can trust that if you need to purchase something new, you can find the most sustainable version of that item on EarthHero.

Although conscious consumerism starts with the individual, as a community, conscious choices can affect other consumers’ and business’ consumption. “Building a more sustainable world will take all of us – and that includes the participation of companies and businesses, to make more conscious choices,” Lewis says.

EarthHero not only provides thousands of sustainable products for individual consumers, but it also includes sustainable corporate gifting options and sustainable promotional items for companies to participate in more eco-friendly practices. As a responsible consumer, whether personally or professionally, you have a choice to make everyday.  “The net result of that is you’re going to live a higher-quality existence by knowing that you’re participating and not trying to cause more harm. Living a lifestyle you’re proud of, that supports a planet you’re proud of, should be simple, and with EarthHero, it is.”

From zero-waste kitchen and bath supplies, to personal care and pet-care products, EarthHero can help you build a sustainable lifestyle, wherever you are.

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