Ladies, if you've ever found yourself wondering what men really want, you're in luck: a new survey from the dating website claims to have found that Los Angeles guys have a type.

Ready? She is: a green-eyed brunette who drinks socially, doesn't smoke and graduated from college with a bachelor's degree.

The results came from studying the habits of 5,000 men who are signed up for the site. In a statement, CEO and founder Brandon Wade said that the attraction has its roots in scarcity.

“California is abundant with the stereotypical blonde hair and blue eyes, so the desire for brunettes with green eyes is much higher in Los Angeles,” he said. “In a city with such an active scene, a sociable vice is important, as well as a good education.”

We're not sure we totally agree with his logic there, or with the idea that L.A. is truly bursting with blue-eyed blondes, but it turns out there's a catch to this research anyway. isn't any old regular dating site; it's one where customers bid on first dates with attractive women or men, then pay their companion out after their evening together.

“It create opportunities for men that other traditional websites wouldn't have,” said Leroy Velasquez, a spokesperson for the site. “Maybe if you're shyer or not as good-looking but are just as serious about dating and a relationship, it gives those men an opportunity to date beautiful women where other dating websites fall short.”

It's not that here's anything wrong with consenting adults taking cash for companionship, although Velasquez does paint a somewhat miserable picture of women's motivations. But what it does mean is that the results of the survey are a bit skewed.

In scientific terms, if you'll indulge us, the sample isn't particularly well-rounded. Rather than representing all of the men in L.A., it represents those who are looking to shell out cash for a night with a woman.

And unfortunately for those of us hoping to understand matters of the heart, it makes sense that the answers don't come quite that easily. Just like there's no way to quantify and define all of the men in L.A., there's no way to quantify and define what they're looking for in a woman.

Besides, when people base their romance on real commonalities and real connection, there's less chance that they'll be seeking to satisfy a superficial checklist like the one provided by They'll be looking for spark and interest, for chemistry over hair color, for overall intelligence rather than a piece of paper from a place of higher education.

So, sorry, ladies. In the end, we might all just have to be ourselves.

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