We thank commenter Toby (on today's Strokes post) for pointing us in the direction of NPR's music blog The Record, which apparently called us out for, are you ready? “Going low-brow” while discussing the demise of revered alt-legends The White Stripes.

This would be amusing enough–after all, to be called “low-brow” by NPR is kinda like being called “pinko commie” by Sarah Palin, “plebeian” by Prince William or “chubby” by Gwyneth Paltrow. But what makes this truly hilarious is that the very post that chides us for pointing out 10 bands that should have broken up instead of the White Stripes or featuring some beautiful, classy photographs of Meg White, has a Beavis & Butt-Head illustration and makes smutty, dirty-uncle-style comments about teen sex.

Hey NPR: stop going after our low-brow demographic, ok? You do that and we won't attempt to go after the divorced lawyers into world music who check OK Cupid on the stairmaster and fantasize about Jason Bentley's basso profundo. Deal?:

Here are some excerpts of the LULzy piece by Jacob Ganz, who is so shocked (shocked!) by the low-brow antics of Drew Tewksbury (notorious cad) and yours truly (notorious roue) that he's compelled to ejaculate a censorious “Hmmm.”:

This week, blogs around the Inter-land mourned The White Stripes, who announced on Wednesday (after nearly four years of inactivity) that they would “make no further new recordings or perform live.” In addition to the many heart-tugging tributes and “red, white and blues” puns, a number of sites poured out a little peppermint schnapps in the form of top 10 lists: […]

Click Track, the Washington Post's music blog, lets readers pick the Stripes' best song. (Again, everyone likes “Seven Nation Army”).

The Los Angeles Times' Pop & Hiss blog recommends five covers: songs the band didn't write, but made their own.

The LA Weekly goes low-brow. Drew Tewksbury offers up 10 bands that “should have broken up instead of the White Stripes,” and Dave Parkman highlights the “top 10 most adorable Meg White photos.” Hmmm.

[a couple of inches below]

I can't wait for Beavis and Butt-Head to return so they can make fun of all the teenagers on MTV who are having more sex than they are the 100% classic pop and indie rock music videos that are being made today. James Poniewozic of Time Magazine is worried that the updated version won't live up to his memory of the classic. All I have to say: The opening shot of the new series better be B & B-H watching Justin Bieber on YouTube.

Teen sex? Fantasizing about the public humiliation of poor naive moptop Justin Bieber? NPR, you guys are SICK. Hmmm to you too.

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