So, Lady Gaga's publicity machine created a weeks-long pre-release frenzy for her latest single “Born This Way,” which came out today and was already being called “a new gay anthem” even before anyone had heard it.

Here it is:

Now, there's a small problem: the moment the track was aired, even many of Gaga's rabid fans admitted what is kind of obvious to a casual listener. “Born This Way” sounds A LOT like Madonna's “Express Yourself”:

From Gaga's fans on youtube:

Hmm.. I like it.. kinda. But now that people say it really sounds like an old madonna song. She was better when she sang about dancing and poker face :O


Im GAY and proud of it, BUT this SONG SUCKS!


A bad song doesn't go number 1 in 17 countries in hours. Just saying.


I like the message, but I expected something way catchier than this bullshit. The sound is so cheesy…


What do YOU think?

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