Erykah Badu is playing The Greek on June 20, with special guest Janelle Monae, which should up the weirdness soul diva quotient by several magnitudes.

The ad for the show (which you can see, among other places, right here on West Coast Sound) highlights the peculiar publicity photo for her album New Amerykah, Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh (home of the song that yielded the viral hit video “Window Seat”).

Here it is:

Hebrew letters, tribally inspired necklaces, robotic baldness… we're not sure what the picture is supposed to signify, if it indeed signifies anything at all, but we're pretty sure our friends at will be suggesting this is yet another celebrity who is a PUPPET OF THE ILLUMINATI! (or THE LIZARD PEOPLE! or PROJECT MKULTRA!)

What do you think?

By the way, when her album cover was unveiled, the symbol-readers' brains went into overload. “I used to love Erykah Badu for her talent and uniqueness. Now she's just freaking me out,” wrote one of the forum posters. Here's the album cover:

Another view of the ad photo, with more symbols:

Any explanations? Meanings? Dan Brown nonsense?

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