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Iggy Azalea

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Iggy Azalea's last L.A. show was something of a catastrophe; she didn't go on until after 1 am, and the performance was marred by theft, arrests, and a fight. This time, however, she let everyone know she had everything under control. “You'll be please to know I'm already In my green room so no being late tonight,” she tweeted, about an hour before show time.

Still, not everything was perfect. Though during her 40 minute set she showed flashes of the talent that's made her so talked about — we gave her a big write-up, and she made XXL's freshmen 10 — there was something off about her live show.

Maybe it was that she was trying too hard to be a gangsta rapper, or perhaps the lyrics of “Murder Business” (they aren't about crime, but rather metaphorical for taking over the game). It's not that she doesn't have good flow — she certainly does — it's just that her tracks didn't sound as good live.

She was comfortable in front of her fans, however, and the folks in attendance also appreciated the cameo from L.A.'s own Nipsey Hussle. But the crowd's energy dropped off when she performed two new songs that weren't off her 2011 mixtape Ignorant Art. Their attention shifted elsewhere; some screamed for her hit “Pu$$y.”

At one point she made it rain, at another point she invited fans on-stage to twerk; both moves felt like contrived and unoriginal ways to get fans involved. Still, however, despite her unpolished live show, the 21-year-old shows some signs of promise. But if she's going to make herself a hip-hop household name — and take advantage of the credibility she's gained by working with T.I. — Azalea is going to need to figure out exactly who she is.

If she insists on being a hardcore rapper, then it's going to be a long time before she exceeds the hype that industry insiders have heaped upon her.

Personal Bias: Some people have compared Iggy to Tupac. Whatever they're smoking, I want some of it.

The Crowd: Mostly kids who saved up for a big night out on the strip.

Random Notebook Dump: No matter how old you are, getting beer spilled on you is never fun.

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