Daniel Kohn

Credit: Mandee Johnson

Jimmy Pardo's New Pop Culture Game Show Podcast Is His Dream Job

Sitting outside of a Mid-City office building following his weekly spot on Kyle Anderson’s Entertainment Weekly radio show on SiriusXM, Jimmy Pardo can’t help but let out groan and roll his eyes. He notices the latest news in Trumpland scrolling on CNN on the widescreen TV over his shoulder and......
The Kids in the Hall comedian has made a comeback thanks in part to his variety podcast.; Credit: Courtesy Guinivan PR

The Writers Guild Strike Almost Took Down Kevin McDonald

It seems like ancient history now, but the 2007-08 Writers Guild of America strike was a treacherous time for many scribes. Kevin McDonald was one of them. The Kids in the Hall comedian had been in Hollywood since 1994 working on sitcoms and movies. Fellow KITH Bruce McCulloch had helped......