Sushi chefs break out the knives for a rumble in the raw at the Little Tokyo finals of the nationwide Sushi Masters challenge. Regional champs Randy Noprapa (Tara Thai, Washington, D.C.), Toshi Furihata (Moshi-Moshi, Miami Beach), Hyun Min Suh (Sushi Ra, Sausalito) and 2008 Sushi Masters winner Tomoharu Nakamura (Sanraku Four Seasons, San Francisco) are set to be on scene in a four-way fish-slicing contest for omakase glory. The skills on display are sure to be as rare as sashimi, so anyone's cuisine could reign supreme. As this is part of the JACCC's Food and Sake Festival, there's also plenty of sake to be had, and we'll be having it. Wasaaaabi! — Derek Thomas

Sun., Sept. 20, 2:30-6 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly