How SCALE Healthcare Is Building the Future of Modern Healthcare Management

Within the world of modern healthcare management, constant change brought about by technological advancements has become the norm. But in order to bring necessary changes to the healthcare landscape, healthcare-aligned companies need to reevaluate their processes and integration of tech.

This reevaluation should touch all areas of their processes, from human resources to billing, from customer service to data, and risk management. To successfully navigate these changes, SCALE Healthcare has emerged as a leader in performance elevation across all healthcare services.

“Our belief is that narrow solutions will not solve multidisciplinary challenges,” says Roy Bejarano, CEO of SCALE Healthcare. “Today’s healthcare environment involves a complex network of systems that require broad and deep solutions.”

SCALE is providing access to those solutions, and disrupting a staid healthcare system in the process.

A challenging road

Today’s healthcare landscape has largely been shaped by the events of the COVID-19 pandemic, which sparked an increased reliance on technology in order to help bring wider access to healthcare to those in need. The use of telehealth, for example, jumped significantly, reaching a level of use that was 15 times higher than what it had been pre-pandemic.

While some healthcare organizations were already on their way to integrating telehealth and other technologies into their processes, others struggled to adapt. As we emerge from the fog of the pandemic, what remains in healthcare is an understanding that new ways can help healthcare providers reach more people and provide more comprehensive care.

SCALE Healthcare’s goal is to help healthcare organizations find their way in this new world of providing care. They help organizations scale their businesses by leading them toward advantageous strategic partnerships, which can ultimately improve the overall performance and effectiveness of the organization through a collaborative effort.

With expert guidance, the team at SCALE can help healthcare organizations navigate unfamiliar territory, and keep their businesses thriving. “SCALE adds value to organizations by bringing a deep understanding of various systems,” Bejarano explains.

Consultation and community

The bevy of solutions that SCALE offers to healthcare organizations aims to solve pain points, as well as build a community of providers, working on the theory that there is strength — and growth — in numbers. There are a number of offerings from SCALE, all targeting different needs that organizations may have, including:

  • SCALE Consulting
  • SCALE Finance & Accounting
  • SCALE Marketing
  • SCALE Payor Strategy
  • SCALE Talent Search
  • SCALE Data Analytics, and;
  • SCALE Compliance and Risk Management

Some — if not all — of these offerings should be considered by healthcare organizations looking to provide the best in comprehensive, modern care to patients. Each area of expertise SCALE offers is headed by a leader and dedicated team of technical experts in that particular field, giving healthcare companies expert guidance in making changes and shifting to a more efficient, modern work and scaling process.

SCALE is largely corralling the power of data collection and analytics within all these areas of expertise. With SCALE Talent Search, for example, the company seeks to help providers be one step ahead in the hiring process. With SCALE Marketing, their team not only offers in-depth data analysis on one’s target market, but creative services to help one stand out from the competition.

Bejarano and his team are C-Suite executives within the medical field who have years of relevant experience in the industry. They are operators who are ready to show medical companies how to best combine strategy, data, and know-how to create the best organization possible. There are currently over 75 healthcare services experts working within SCALE to help organizations navigate the rapidly changing business of keeping people healthy.

SCALE is not just offering a unique consulting service; there is also a vibrant community aspect to SCALE as well. SCALE Community’s goal is to build the first modern healthcare network for medical professionals. This community will allow leaders and stakeholders to share ideas, further innovation, and bring a more collaborative approach to healthcare overall.

Bejarano is hopeful that by building this community, holistic best practices can emerge past more outdated approaches.

“The benefits of working with hundreds of healthcare organizations, management teams, and physician leaders on a yearly basis has given us unique insight into the heightened levels of coordination across industry stakeholders that historically were treated as separate, independent factions,” says Bejarano. “It’s time to bring these groups, health systems, payors, physicians, investors, and MSO management teams together in a world-class forum for learning and idea sharing. We are excited for the value that will be created for the industry through the SCALE Community.”

With all of the changes in healthcare, including post-pandemic shifts in overall approach and technology advancements, there is a need for leaders in the industry who have the know-how and foresight to bring organizations into the modern landscape. SCALE Healthcare has brought together a strong team of experts and a focus on the need for community evident in healthcare. With its multifaceted approach, SCALE is poised to bring creative problem-solving and disruption to a healthcare landscape that is long overdue.

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