Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig are in a loving, committed relationship. Henry (who sometimes looks like Chester Gould's Dick Tracy) loves Glenn dearly, even if occasionally his anger issues get in the way. Glenn keeps a journal about his ambitions and projects, like being in a band wearing corpse-like makeup (“Just be yourself!” recommends Henry). Oh, their neighbors are Hall & Oates, who are just your average neighborhood Satanists with a penchant for D&D.

This is the premise of Henry & Glenn, the new minicomic by art collective Igloo Tornado presented last week at Silverlake's comics mecca Secret Headquarters.

The minicomic, of course, is an unauthorized work of fantasy, but so are the “official” personas of Rollins and Danzig. What the Igloo Tornado guys have done is turned an old metalhead parlor game (“who would win a fight? Danzig or Rollins?”) into clever slash fiction, a non-explicit graphic novelette.

Allegedly, when Henry Rollins was shown an earlier version of the minicomic, his reaction was to ask if Glenn had seen it yet. Rollins thought Danzig would have been less than amused.

You can also buy originals and prints of Igloo Tornado's Henry & Glenn at Secret Headquarters.

Wanna see a HOT, REALISTIC COUPLE MOMENT between Henry & Glenn?:

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