The idiotic, possibly racist Tea Partiers are not the first (or last) people to complain about big government and big taxation. Back in 1966 notoriously mystical hippie George Harrison was so pissed off at the British government taking 90% of the Beatles' money (no, really, they did, before the Beatles discovered accountants and tax shelters) that he penned a little ditty called “Taxman” (which may or may not have been inspired by the Batman TV show theme–it's a chicken-and-egg question).

Anyways, OG soulman Junior Parker took it and ran with it. Happy tax day.

(oh, if you go to Amoeba and say “KRONOS” to the cashier, you don't pay tax today!)

Our friends Cypress Hill know a good sample when they hear one. Listen to them repurposing the Junior Parker cover of “Taxman” (0:26 and onwards):

LA Weekly