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August 12, 2010

Well, Readers,

We just played a small recital in Tucson, AZ. I've always loved this place. We're at the Hotel Congress. My first producer brought me here in 1895 [sic] to pick out a cello from the infamous Chicago Music Store. I got the one that later acquired a star sticker.

The concert was underattended– perhaps because it was 21+, perhaps because we're playing in Phoenix tomorrow night, or perhaps because we're the best kept secret in rock-n-roll. But the people there in front were going kind of nuts, singing along. At first I was rather embarrassed by that, but the situation improved.

During the banjo break, a young couple was chatting loudly. After the song, I queried them. “Are you talking about banjos?” They said no, that they were talking about me, and their love for me. Well! Somehow, it then evolved into a somewhat lengthy conversation with the entire audience, and I, once again, found them to be a very sweet little mass of people.

We played a couple of completely unrehearsed songs that they requested, and my cohorts played quite admirably!

I don't often do the photo-op/receiving line lately, but I did here in Tucson, because it's such a sweet set-up–using your hotel room as a dressing room in a charming historic hotel.

There, I met an intriguing Native transexual. I've read that, historically speaking, the Native Americans always accepted and encouraged their LGBTs. I hope they still do. Do you know?

Then, Daniel/cellist & Dawn/merch and I had some drinks at the bar. That, I also rarely do. We did shots to a toast of “Diaper Ball!”– a game I recently invented. It's like volleyball, but with a dirty diaper. It was all good, clean fun til I got some poo in the face, but I really think this game could take off.

Earlier today, we spent some time prospecting in a creek in the Gila Wilderness. Baby Ivy loved that. She sat on her butt in the stream and enjoyed the rocks & water. She doesn't care about gold, she doesn't need to strike it rich. She just needed to be out of the car-seat for a while.

Alright then, I do need to get some sleep. Talk to you tomorrow,

Melora Creager

Directress, Rasputina.

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