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Choir! Choir! Choir! performs on Thursday.; Credit: Vanessa Heins

Viaduct Sunset Series Puts L.A.’s History Centerstage

People call this a young city, and in a way, they’re right. “L.A. is all about reinventing itself, and abolishing the history of the past,” Sean Woods of the California Parks Department tells me as we stand, sweating, beneath the Baker Street Viaduct. The Metro Gold Line whizzes by, gracing us with a merciful breeze. I glance behind me and take in the majesty of downtown’s skyline. He continues, “What we’re trying to do is uncover it in new, exciting and engaging ways.”...
vox; Credit: Parker Day

Blessed by vox

To attend a vox (pronounced "wokes") performance is an experience that's as close to seeing an angel as is possible in this lifetime. She always appears in all white, with a sheer veil shrouding her body and often the stage as well. At her show at the Standard this week, you’ll probably find fans emulating her with their own holy outfits....
Esbie Fonte; Credit: Peter Tilley

Premiere: Stylish New Video Features a Worn Esbie Fonte

Esbie Fonte is a biracial songwriter who bends unexpected styles to create unique pop music with collaborator Peter Tilley. Her recent single, “Aces High,” features raw lyrical barbs coupled with gorgeous guitar progressions, and the brand-new video allows her stylish personality to shine....
Livingmore; Credit: Courtesy Alex Moore

Premiere: Local Rock Queens Form Sisterhood of the Traveling Wilburys

Time to ruin more testosterone-centric childhoods with another all-female reboot, this time of The Traveling Wilburys. Aptly called Sisterhood of the Traveling Wilburys, five of L.A.’s strongest singer-songwriters came together for a cover of “Handle Me With Care,” which makes its debut today....
Winter; Credit: Jeff Leeds Cohn

A Hazy Shade of Winter

For Samira Winter, music is more than just sound — it’s also color. “I’m a very sensorial person. The way I experience music is pretty visual,” she says as we chat in the living room of her Echo Park apartment. Her cat purrs quietly in our lap....
A still from Monogem's "Get You High" video.; Credit: Courtesy of Finders Pictures

Monogem Drops Intoxicating New Video for "Get You High"

Jen Hirsh has been writing dark pop songs for several years as Monogem, named after the glowing remnant of an exploded star. Last fall saw the release of her seven-track sophomore EP, 100%, and she wasted no time writing and recording more material; her new single, “Get You High,” is already all over the airwaves of KCRW....
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