Tom Crouch exists in the in-between, as if in a permanent transition. As Liminal, he deliberately exploits seemingly trivial sounds to make an impact. His two singles to date layer them gracefully, but a new studio performance features a stripped-down arrangement.

“Inner Talk/Over Thought” explores a distinct contradiction. The opening notes on guitar bring to mind Bon Iver’s pastoral era, ringing through cold silence with a flickering flame. The melody is serpentine, but you won’t get lost if you just follow the sound of Crouch’s vocals.

While he tries to avoid falling into the trap of perfectionism, Crouch is precise with which elements he employs in his tracks. He has been handling music in some capacity for the majority of his life and has elevated his songwriting for Liminal. Like with any great author, his work is purposeful and opaque, allowing for broad interpretation despite his own narrow intentions.

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