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Standing Up To Pee at Coachella: A Tale of Triumph

It was shortly after Charles Bradley's stellar Friday afternoon set. Four coffees sat heavy in my bladder and had already spent our meager per diem on 2.5 beers. It was time to break the seal. When used for their intended purpose, port-a-potties are hardly a pleasant experience for either sex......
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The Story of a Man Sent to Coachella Jail

Creative CommonsWe told you earlier about the ways folks try to sneak drugs into Coachella. Also, we told you about how to avoid trouble with the police. But what if, despite your best efforts, you're arrested? Or even taken to Coachella jail? Yes, it is a real place. See also:......
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Coachella: Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum Comes To Fan's Aid

Mangum doesn't allow photos at his shows See also: Our complete Coachella coverage "What's going on over there?" Jeff Mangum, the reclusive singer of Neutral Milk Hotel who blew our minds last weekend, halted his performance at Coachella last night to to call attention to a distressed fan. Security at......
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