Stephen Perlstein

The scene yesterday in downtown L.A.; Credit: Photo by Stephen Perlstein

Student Film Crew Promises to Be Out of the Way in 5 Minutes

While blocking the double doors of an office building in downtown Los Angeles yesterday, a University of Southern California student film crew promised it would be out of the way in five minutes. At around 9:30 a.m., film student Peter Tero begged employees of the Wilshire Kenmore Building not to......
Credit: Stephen Perlstein

16,751 People Found Using One Westside Rentals Account

Premium apartment-hunting service Westside Rentals on Monday suspended a single-user membership account that was found to have been accessed by nearly 17,000 people. The compromised account belonged to Julie Moreno, a recent graduate of California State University, Northridge, whose parents footed the $60 account fee as a graduation gift. Moreno......
L.A. resident Bruce Reese investigates; Credit: Photo by Stephen Perlstein

Street Parking Sign Examined Thoroughly, Inconclusive

Citing complicated language and multiple conflicting clauses, Los Angeles resident Bruce Reese failed to determine whether or not it was legal to park in the "primo" spot he found on Orange Drive just north of Wilshire Boulevard. The spot in question had five signs above it, each one with various......
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