Sophie Duvernoy


Submit Your Stories From the Hollywood Trenches

I'm still surprised by the things people do in L.A. Last week, I met a guy who was a personal trainer at the Playboy mansion. "Was," because his client, Crystal Harris, suddenly broke off her engagement to the Hef -- and with it went the trainer time. A lot of......
Sign to the Earl Carroll Theater

10 Best Neon Signs in Los Angeles

There's something beautiful about a flickering motel light, all arrows, "vacancy" and red sizzle. Neon signs are hypnotic, fantastical creations -- and L.A. is a great city to go hunting for the more weird and wonderful specimens. You could look at them as institutional street art at its best, always......
Morrison threw Modelos

World's First Beer-Can Surfboard

You've probably seen -- or even own -- Reef Fanning flip-flops, which are an epic combination of beer opener and shoe. But one of our readers, San Diego artist Richard Morrison, sent us a statement about his own (far more epic) creation: a surfboard made entirely of 72 recycled beer......