Sophie Duvernoy

Rethink L.A.

'Rethink L.A.' at the A+D Museum Says the City Should Ditch the Cars

On Thursday, people from all over Los Angeles biked, walked or took the Metro to the Architecture and Design Museum on Miracle Mile. Surprisingly, many still managed to arrive wearing fashionable shoes. They were greeted with bike valets, a photographer and an invitation to document their journey on "alternative transportation."......
The Hopper posters that are popping up all over town.; Credit: Photo by Silje at siljeohlala

Dennis Hopper Lives: As Legend, or Corporate Slogan for Vans?

You must have noticed his eyes, with their slightly mournful, softened edges. And his beard, which looks like a bristling, black-and-grey hedgehog. Or at least the slogan in giant white letters, spelling out a simple "Hopper Lives." It would be a wonderful poster if it weren't an ad. Dennis Hopper's......
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Lynda Benglis at MOCA: Conceptual Art Meets Dildoes (NSFW)

In 1974, Lynda Benglis ran an advertisement in Artforum that caused five editors to protest and pack up: she photographed herself naked, taught and oiled, defiantly wielding a giant dildo over a full-page spread. Benglis was 33 then, enjoying the rush of an artistic career that walked the line between......