I'm still surprised by the things people do in L.A. Last week, I met a guy who was a personal trainer at the Playboy mansion. “Was,” because his client, Crystal Harris, suddenly broke off her engagement to the Hef — and with it went the trainer time.

A lot of people have lived through stories that are even wackier — in auditions, production, shoots and that job you have to do just to pay the bills. And so, we're putting a call out to you.

We're looking for people who work in the trenches of Hollywood to contribute to our blog by giving us weird and funny anecdotes of life scraping by in the business, and even stories of how tough it sometimes is to get a break when you need one. If you've got commentary and tales to tell on any of these topics, let us hear them.

Send your blog post (around 400-800 words) to arts@laweekly.com, pasted into the body of the email, with the subject line “Hollywood Stories.” If we read something we like, we'll post your story. If you have a relevant photo, which would be most welcome, upload it into the LA Weekly Flickr Pool and link to it in your submission.

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