Solvej Schou

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The Beat That Kills

Photo by Greg Q. At a swanky old hotel in Hollywood, Brian Waters eases himself into a Jacuzzi. Sweat and hair cling to the gold chain looped around his neck. The sun melts behind him as he grins and tips back a Scotch on the rocks. Here, the sly singer......
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Lick My Detox

Photo by Patrick Miller The night started off like a roller coaster on crack, but local rock & rollers the Sharp Ease are used to chaos. We were already late. Pixie-haired singer Paloma Parfrey gripped the wheel, and guitarist Sara Musser — tattoos gleaming, eyes lined in black and bangs......
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Shake Your Coconuts

Photos by Wild Don Lewis JUNIOR SENIOR at the Viper Room, May 28 “We wanna take you to outer space! We wanna shake you, the human race!” Hail the rallying cry of Danish duo Junior Senior, because summer heat plus a zesty beat should make you move your feet, and......
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Date With the Night

Photo by Gregory Bojorquez YEAH YEAH YEAHS at the Henry Fonda Theater, April 18 By now everyone's aware that Williamsburg has re-defined the map of rock & roll. But Yeah Yeah Yeahs don't just harness the pure energy and smirking cool aesthetic of downtown NYC forebears Patti Smith or Blondie......
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