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Female Cannapreneurs Rise to the Top of Pot Biz

As of 2015, women constituted 36 percent of executive-level positions in marijuana companies compared to 22 percent in other industries. Female entrepreneurs are able to rise in the cannabis industry in a way that they have been unable to in more established realms of corporate America....
Santa Barbara–based Lowell Farms cultivates organic

Organic Cannabis Companies Set a New Industry Standard

There’s a lot of debate among industry professionals about striking a balance between regulations that are strict enough to ensure safe cannabis, but not so laborious that they bankrupt growers who don’t have the capital to revamp their cultivation process....
Bud and Bloom dispensary seeks to provide a comfortable and accessible experience for first-time cannabis users with a well-educated staff; Credit: Bud and Bloom

Budtender Education Comes to Los Angeles

CARE will teach budtenders, and other cannabis professionals, about the physiological effects of cannabis, the different parts of the plant, and even how to identify when cannabis might not be the best treatment for someone....
An event held by Bud and Breakfast

This Cannabis Retreat Will Make the Vacation Industry More Chill

Canabliss will be curating meals at a five-day cannabis retreat in Ojai where attendees will receive a vaporizer so that they can inhale different strains to compliment each course. The event is a part of a burgeoning cannabis experience industry around Los Angeles—and this retreat is one of the most elaborate yet....
Pregnant women often don’t feel comfortable being open about their marijuana use

Should Women Use Marijuana Products While Pregnant?

In the earliest records of human civilizations dating back millennia, cannabis is described as a useful medicine for treating the symptoms of pregnancy. Accounts by physicians across cultures and generations corroborate these stories: A little bit of marijuana can allegedly go a long way in curing severe morning sickness, preventing......
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