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Colin Farrell in Terrence Malick's "marvelous thing

Terrence Malick, The Too-Quiet American

With Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life winning the Palme d'Or and playing to sellout crowds, the film world's collective boner has risen, once again, to zero acknowledgment from the film's maker. Perhaps it's time to reach for the light, prop up against the headboard and give this relationship some......
Martin Scorsese smells trouble on the set of New York

Martin Scorsese Tells All in New Book

Conversations-with-directors books can go one of two ways: Either the directors want to analyze their work, or they don't. Those who do either obscure the films with trivial esoterica or — as is the case with Martin Scorsese, in Time film critic Richard Schickel's new book, Conversations With Scorsese —......
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