Russ Rymer

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Why You?

Art by Seonna Hong Anyone looking for signs of stability in the world might consider the questions asked of writers on book tours. Those that concern the process of writing number no more than 10, and they never seem to change: Where do you get your ideas? When do you......
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The Great Race Dilemma

Artwork by Peter BennettIf there were a deity such as the one the Eskimos are said to worship, the God of What Might Have Been, Howard Kohn's new book, We Had a Dream: A Tale of the Struggle for Integration in America, might be seen as a late-20th-century gospel in......

Sailing to Byzantium

We smelled it first, hours before we got there, a greasy burnt odor of smoke and spice and sewage. "Are we on fire?" Susan asked when she awoke, but we weren’t. We had sailed all night through the Sea of Marmara and were merely approaching the Istanbul harbor.   We......
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