Robert Pursell

Bartender at Whole Foods' Astro Pub; Credit: Robert Purcell

Are Supermarket Bars the New Dive Bars?

It’s 2:12 in the afternoon and I’m already drunk. Jay, an aging airline pilot from Fort Lauderdale sitting next to me at the bar, has just told an off-color joke involving a gynecologist and a pizza chef that draws riotous laughter from Steve, a Nebraska native wearing a cowboy hat......
Surf Junkie Jeff

WTF Is Surf Junkie Jeff Saying? (VIDEO)

The sun has hardly risen on Newport Beach, and a long-haired, middle-aged man stands on the shore staring out into the ocean while speaking into a voice recorder about mushy water and waves made of corduroy. To the uninitiated, these might sound like the inane ramblings of another vagrant or......
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