Robert Bieselin

Credit: Shawn Brackbill

Dum Dum Girls Have Left the Building

See also: *A Girl Group of One: Unveiling the mystery of Dee Dee and the Dum Dum Girls *Top 10 LA Albums of 2011 A brief history of Dum Dum Girls and their fearless leader, Dee Dee. Act I (2010): The Dum Dum Girls help popularize the throwback girl-group sound,......
Credit: Lainna Fader

Phife Dawg Is Down With Posthumous Holograms, Likes Funyons

See Also: Michael Rapaport's A Tribe Called Quest Documentary A lazy reader of the internet would believe that since A Tribe Called Quest's 1998 breakup, Q-Tip has a platinum album and Grammy wins, while Phife Dawg has done little more than gotten a kidney transplant and eaten a bag of......
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