Richie Duchon

Andrea Alarcon's Rise and Fall

By all accounts, 2011 was a breakout year for Andrea Alarcon that saw her star rise high over L.A.'s political scene. Under Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's wing, the 33-year-old Loyola Law School grad, single mother and scion of the Alarcon political clan — bright, attractive and generally well-liked — moved from......

Buh-Bye to LA's 100 LED Billboards?

If she didn't know better, Barbara Broide of Westwood would be really confused. In 2002, she watched outdoor-advertising companies drag Los Angeles through the courts over a paltry $314 inspection fee meant to cover City Hall's costs to crack down on more than 4,000 illegal and legal billboards. That $314......
Tracy Totton-Martin's horse rescue is just downwind of the Los Angeles human sludge-fertilizer project known as Green Acres Farm.; Credit: PHOTO BY ALEX HORVATH

L.A.'s Sewage Crap Export Flap

Tracy Totton-Martin loves rescuing horses that have been dealt a bum hand. That's why seven years ago she bought 20 acres of land southwest of Bakersfield,...
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