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Expect to see a surprising number of 20-somethings nerding out over old movies in Hollywood this weekend.; Credit: Courtesy TCM Classic Film Festival

Why Young People Go Nuts for the TCM Classic Film Festival

According to the multitude of twentysomethings, thirtysomethings and fortysomethings preparing to attend this weekend's sixth annual TCM Classic Film Festival, it's time for the general public to update its perception of classic movie fans.  “People just think this is something 85-year-olds are watching,” says 27-year-old ardent TCM fan Jessica Pickens,......
Viva's protagonist is almost a tragic gay figure

While Viva Finds Beauty in Cuba, Its Characters Seem Adrift

The lure of everything Cuba is strong. It’s in the news, on top of everyone’s travel list and in our movie theaters. But the recent films about Cuba aren't exports from the still-embargoed country. Most come from visiting filmmakers. Irish director Paddy Breathnach captures a gorgeous portrait of Cuba with......
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