Matt Stromberg

Credit: Danny Liao

Best Michelada

Ask five different people how to make a michelada and you'll likely get five different answers. The basic version of this Mexican prepared beer features a light lager and lime juice served in a salt-rimmed glass, but from there, the variations are endless. Popular additions are tomato juice or its......
Credit: Jeff McLane

Best Garage to See Art in

Glendale is not exactly known as a hotbed of contemporary art, but nestled in a quiet industrial area off San Fernando Road sits one of L.A.'s hottest emerging art spaces. Located in a former auto body shop, the Pit — named for the sunken area where oil changes used to......
Credit: Robert Wedemeyer

Best Place to Peek Behind the Illuminati Curtain

L.A.'s newest private museum, the Marciano Art Foundation, houses the art collection of the Marciano brothers, founders of the GUESS? fashion label. In addition to seminal works of contemporary art by the likes of Mike Kelley, Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons, the Marciano offers a glimpse into the secret society......
Credit: Danny Liao

Best Place to Witness Pre-Revolutionary China Without Leaving L.A.

Before movies became our culture's dominant form of mass entertainment, there was the panorama, which captivated audiences throughout the 19th century. Often depicting immersive landscapes or important events, the panorama is a floor-to-ceiling cylindrical painting placed in a round room, at the center of which stands the viewer. Three-dimensional props,......
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