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Bottles at Wally's Beverly Hills; Credit: Anne Fishbein

These California Wines Are All You Need to Bring to Thanksgiving

Traditionally, no Thanksgiving table is complete without a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau, that misunderstood wine that comes out every year right around November and acts as a first taste of the harvest season. It’s a preview of the vintage to come, and while it often gets a bad rap, what you......
Credit: Jordan Vineyard and Winery

California Strikes Back In the Battle for Best Winery Video

Earlier this month we wrote that California had been bested when it comes to winery videos, claiming that Pennsylvania’s minuscule Grace Winery had set the bar for creativity with their Great Gatsby-themed commercial, which was set to the tune of 2pac’s “California Love.” Now, California’s Jordan Winery is striking back.  Cab Wars:......
Never Hungover; Credit: Matt Miller

What to Stock in Your New Year's Eve Hangover Survival Kit

Every year the same thing happens on New Years Day. You look at all the pictures you took (and posted) from the night before and you would be washed with a tidal wave of shame if it weren’t for the pounding headache, nausea, fatigue and furry taste in your mouth,......
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