Margaret Wappler

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Accident at Sea

The Unicorns were fun-loving, witty, experimental . . . Canadian! And they’d been selected by high-profile fan Beck to open the 2004 Montreal Pop festival. But a couple of summers ago at the Sunset Junction, things looked iffy for the Montreal-based indie-pop trio. Multi-instrumentalists/singers Nick Diamonds and Alden Ginger, along with drummer......

Project Yard Sale

The lanky and mercurial Santino Rice, defeated in season two of Bravo’s highly addictive Project Runway by the bland but practical Chloe Dao, stands on his front lawn in a daze, having woken up 20 minutes earlier to a dozen people milling outside his apartment. It’s 9:30 a.m., the first......
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Illustration by Stephan Britt There’s no standing aside and quietly observing the prose of Benjamin Weissman’s short fiction collection, Headless. It’s sweaty and lusty, spiked and coiling with slang, colloquialisms and a touch of jockish bravado. It doesn’t allow for wallflower readers who offer little more than pedigreed hmphs and......
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