Lucy Lean

What No Haggis?

How to Have A Last Minute Burns Supper: Or, Happy Robert Burns Day

Today marks the birthday of one Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet, whose short but prolific life back in the late 18th-century is celebrated on this day every year by any Scot worth his or her haggis -- or anyone else looking for a good time eating traditional Scottish dishes washed......
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Meet Your New Wine Critic: Robert De Niro

And the Oscar for Best Wine goes to....As Academy Awards' speeches go, the one given by Robert De Niro on Saturday night stands head and shoulders above the rest. Oenaphiles, sommeliers and vignerons in particular should take note: there's a new wine critic in town. "You talkin' to me?" Presenting......
Chipotle Opens New Restaurant in Hollywood; Credit: Lucy Lean

Fast Food Using Slow Food?: Talking With Chipotles' Steve Ells

With the opening of Chipotle on Vine and Sunset this month and another being built on Sunset just west of Fairfax it seems like these fast food restaurants are popping up like mushrooms all over Los Angeles. But did you know this might actually be a good thing for Slow......