Lisa Carver

Artichoke's Timothy Sellers: "'Artistically open' may overlap with 'kid open.'"; Credit: PHOTO BY ALLISON ACHAUER

Music for Serious Midgets

Artichoke make music for kids and drunks. Poppy melodies and seemingly innocent lyrics about bees and scientists and your neighborhood (Highland Park in their c...

Tragic in Their Not-Ness

Click here for "The Last of  The Hills," by Gendy Alimurung. Click here for Karina Longworth's "Fun and Games. Then, the Monster." Intellectuals like to relate Hollywood celebrities to olden-days European royalty, a comparison that's never been truer than with The Hills. As with the last millennium's aristocrats, they have......
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The Sound of Pretending

I grew up in New England. Our sound track was, "This Is Boston, Not L.A. This Is Boston, Fuck L.A.!" "Oh, now, c'mon," thought young I. "Waddaya gotta be so...
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