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Maya Jane Coles; Credit: Courtesy of the artist

Music Pick: Maya Jane Coles

April is in full swing, which signals that time of year when Sound Nightclub's Friday night Framework party extends for seven days. Spread over two weekends and the week in between, it's full-blown FOMO to miss even one night of curated, high-quality seasoned DJs and their excellent music choices....
Sam Fender; Credit: Jackson Whitefield

Music Pick: Sam Fender

The chisel-faced Sam Fender, who stares balefully out of his photographs, part belligerent, part come-hither, is the recipient of the Critics' Choice Award at the 2019 Brits — the English cousin to our Grammys....
Ed Rush  Credit: Regal D

Respect Is the Most Committed Drum & Bass Party in North America

Glitzy, large-scale festivals are a big opportunity for DJs to gain exposure to thousands of people. Yet despite massive production and considerable numbers, nothing quite compares to the intensity of a small, bare-bones venue. A place where the dedicated crowd is versed in the music, forcing the DJ to not only come correct in their selection but also to be technically on point. A place where from their position behind the decks, the DJ can feel the heat and sweat of the crowd. This is the environment Respect has provided week in and week out, without fail, since March 2, 1999....
Robyn; Credit: Mark Peckmezian

Red Bull Fest Is Representative of the L.A. Music Landscape

Red Bull has February in Los Angeles on lock. The brand, which seems as focused on events and sponsorships as on its energy drink, is bringing the Red Bull Music Festival back to L.A. Feb. 7-23. During the course of the festival, Red Bull is curating 20-plus eclectic happenings....
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