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Russell Simmons' New Yoga Studio Aims for Hot Yoga Nirvana

Entrepreneur Russell Simmons has never been shy about taking eclectic bits of high and low culture, remixing them and deftly rebranding them with his own modern twist. He’s done this successfully in music, fashion, entertainment — even veganism. Now, as a fairly new transplant, his latest endeavor, located where West......
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Best Isolation Tank

It's hard to imagine that the words "sensory deprivation" and "luxury spa experience" could comfortably coexist, but with the aid of 250 gallons of water set at 93.5 degrees and a generous 1,300-pound dash of Epsom salt, Just Float in Pasadena seems to have managed it. The reported benefits of......
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Best Roller Workout

If you want a cool and sexy workout, consider taking beginning or intermediate roller derby classes with the L.A. Derby Dolls. All of the hits are real, and if you're skating with someone you care about, hitting her the hardest while on the track proves that you love her enough......
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Best Boxing Gym

When it comes to bare-bones, high-intensity regimens, boxing as a core workout is a great way to go for those who don't want to get too precious or too fancy while getting and staying fit. Nevertheless, if you are intimidated or even repulsed by the idea of going to an......
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Best Aerial Classes

If you've ever had the desire to channel your inner acrobat, AIR Aerial Fitness is for you. Fitted with innovative but effective silk loops hanging from the ceiling just begging to be climbed on, twisted, scaled, swung upon and cocooned into, you can choose a high-energy, high-resistance fitness class or......
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Best Dodgeball

As a postmodern return to those innocent childhood activities that kept us entertained as well as fit, dodgeball has been making a huge resurgence for adults as a workout and a social activity. With a low initial fitness level required, dodgeball allows anyone to compete with the best. The competition......
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Best Gym for Aspiring Warriors

With an owner who was a former heavyweight boxing contender (he fought the legendary Lennox Lewis), as well as the current trainer and/or conditioning coach to more than 15 world champions in pro boxing and MMA (including superstar Manny Pacquiao), Justin Fortune's Fortune Gym supplies the best of both worlds......
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Best Juice Bar for Chilling — Literally

Raw, organic, cold-pressed juice certainly isn't new or revolutionary in the realm of health fads. The practice of raw juicing, which involves use of a hydraulic press to extract juice from fruits and vegetables, has proven merits but, seeing as it's been around for decades, the thrill's worn off. But......
Jill Morley with two young students; Credit: Kylie Krabbe

3 L.A. Women Changing the Face of Pro Fighting From Behind the Scenes

In the manner that high tides raise all ships, the meteoric ascension of mixed martial arts fighter Ronda Rousey has changed the professional combat landscape for many a professional female fighter. Now, when it comes down quantifying exactly what it means to fight like a girl, the question isn’t who......
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