It's hard to imagine that the words “sensory deprivation” and “luxury spa experience” could comfortably coexist, but with the aid of 250 gallons of water set at 93.5 degrees and a generous 1,300-pound dash of Epsom salt, Just Float in Pasadena seems to have managed it. The reported benefits of the “deep soak” tub include increased relaxation, heightened creativity and improved visualization, plus reduced insomnia, depression and anxiety. It's also cool if you're just looking for something different as a specially curated mini escape from the sensory overload of daily life. There are several floating facilities in the L.A. area, but Just Float claims to be the biggest, boasting 11 streamlined private suites with showers and dressing areas. The nice thing is that the experience is made to order — you can float in total darkness and silence, or adjust the lighting and soft music to your liking. The cucumber water, hot tea and adult coloring books are nice touches, too.

LA Weekly