Krista Simmons

Silver Lake Wine will pour at the event at Barnsdall Art Park and the Hollyhock House; Credit: Krista Simmons

Taste of the Eastside Returns for Round Two

Summertime has different meanings for everyone: Some think of it as a vacation from school, others associate it with BBQs and beer, and yet others take these sunny moments to explore SoCal's stunning beaches. But for the foodist, the coming months mean one thing only: food festivals. To kick off......
Justin Pike siphons a cocktail out of the barrel; Credit: Krista Simmons

Barrel Aged Cocktails: What They Are + 3 Places to Drink Them

Despite the Angeleno phobia of anything showing signs of age, some things do, in fact, improve over time. Cocktails can be one of those instances, given the proper circumstances. It's said that Tony Conigliaro of London's 69 Colebrook Row was the first to age cocktails, though he did his in......

UMAMIcatessen: Now Open + Photo Gallery

Up until Saturday, Broadway Street in downtown L.A. was a great place to be if you were in search of a bedazzled quinceañera dress, a solid gold watch, an art deco architecture tour or a decent torta. But in terms of modern dining, Historic Broadway wasn't quite the hot bed......
A food fight of epic proportions is portrayed in Zergut.; Credit: Courtesy of Chayka Sofia

Food Films at AFI Festival

Food has come to the foreground in cinema as of late. What started with films like Food Inc. and Fast Food Nation has evolved into entire festivals dedicated to the craft, like the recent New York and Chicago Food Film Fests. Although those festivals didn't travel to Los Angeles, the......
Credit: Krista Simmons

L.A. Participates in the First National Food Day

On Monday, October 24, local foodists can celebrate Food Day, a national initiative pushing for equal access to healthful, affordable food produced in a sustainable, ethical way. Angeleno organizers have banded together to create some great events locally, and after the past few weeks of gluttonous food festivals and Beer......
Krista Simmons; Credit: A bubbling pot of mole at the Feria de los Moles

Simmering Mole Rivalry at 4th Annual La Feria de los Moles

While some of our blogger brethren headed down south this weekend to celebrate the regional cuisine of Baja California, those who hung tight had the opportunity to taste distinct moles from Oaxaca and Puebla. Over 30,000 people turned out for Sunday's Feria de los Moles at Plaza Olvera, where snaking......
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