Kelly MacLean

Argus Hamilton; Credit: James Stoneburger

Meet the Last Comic Standing on the Sunset Strip

Chances are, if you've been to the Comedy Store in the last 41 years, you've seen Argus Hamilton. These days, he's recognizable as the out-of-place, wizened stand-up comic who shouldn't be able to relate to the millennial customers — but never fails to....
Judd Apatow's first stand-up special will be released by Netflix in December.; Credit: Mark Seliger

Judd Apatow Reaches a Comedy Milestone: His First Stand-Up Special

After mega-success crafting vehicles for the best performers in the business, comedy's greatest producer is applying his Midas touch to the last comedian anybody expected: himself. Judd Apatow debuted his first stand-up special to three sold-out crowds and a slew of Netflix cameras at this summer's Just for Laughs Festival......
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