Julianne Gorman

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Sean of the Live

Sean Lennon, Kamila Thompson, Women and ChildrenApril 25 at the Roxy Sean Lennon headlined the show, but it felt more like an extensive family picnic, with Lennon as everyone’s favorite chatty, musical cousin. The scene dripped with well-adjusted earnestness: fashionable Japanese fans and gently aging hipsters clapping politely for the......
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Kind Hearts and Coronets

{mosimage}WHO THEY GOT: Former Chicagoan and Chamber Strings member Asa Ferry has his hands full as singer-songwriter-guitarist of the very large band he moved here to form. Says the earnest Ferry of his recruitment strategy, “I wanted good, sweet souls in the band — kind people. The band is about......
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The Last Town Chorus

{mosimage}THE LAST TOWN CHORUS | Wire Waltz | HackTone RecordsThe Last Town Chorus is the progeny of Brooklyn-based Megan Hickey — an evocative blend of sweet and slightly narcotic vocals offset by the melancholy strains of her lap-steel guitar. Hickey delivers Americana-laced tristesse from a place so authentic that even......
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Sloan Hits Thirty

Here’s a 30-track — yes, that’s really the count — record that plays like a history tour through modern pop psychedelia, weaving from Norman Greenbaum–esque anthems to introspective strains that trigger the Elvis Costello receptors of the brain. But then again, that’s sort of the trademark Sloan sound. After 15......
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