Joyce Millman

Credit: Courtesy of HBO

Like a Stunned America, Veep's Selina Meyer Searches for a Path Forward

HBO’s acid-bathed Beltway satire Veep didn’t exactly predict our absurd political reality. But it did come close enough that revisiting past seasons is like watching footage of a train wreck run backwards in slow motion. The episode called “C**tgate” brought a vaginal euphemism into a presidential election. “Election Night” saw......
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Uneasy Lies the Head of Queen Elizabeth in Netflix's Epic The Crown

Netflix’s The Crown, a drama series about the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II, is the kind of sumptuous but tasteful British royals porn you’d expect from Ye Olde Masterpiece Theatre, not from the streaming giant that gave us BoJack Horseman and Stranger Things. A $130 million joint American/British......
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