Jason Bernstein

Jason Bernstein

Session Beers: Thank You, I'll Have Another

Most of the ink in the craft beer world seems to be dedicated to the extreme beers: triple IPAs, barrel-aged stouts and the like. And these beers are certainly impressive; they push the envelope of the norm. But at the end of the day, you probably just want a beer......
beer at Dodger stadium; Credit: Flickr/digablesoul

The Problem of the Price of Beer at Dodger Stadium

Much has been written about the macro-issues plaguing our fine Los Angeles baseball team. Contentious divorces, mismanaged funds, bankruptcy. But when you're relaxing in the stadium, basking under the warm sunlight and watching the game, all of those issues become penumbral. And there's only one gripe left: the price of......

A Stout to End Your Depression: Black Tuesday at The Bruery

On October 29th, 1929, stocks fell 13% in one day. This was generally considered the start of the Great Depression. This day was called "Black Tuesday." On October 29th, 2009, The Bruery, a relatively new brewery in Orange County released a beer of the same name. A 19.5% Imperial stout......
A glass of beer; Credit: Flickr user Alan Heitz

Beer, Lager + How to Ask for What You Want

A well informed diner generally knows how to read a wine label. They can extract quite a bit of information. Maker, Year, Alcohol Percentage. The average wine label also usually indicates the type of grape OR the region (wherein the type of grape is a product of the region --......
Orval Trappist Ale; Credit: Flickr user jeroen020

Orval: Beer Recommendations From Golden State's Jason Bernstein

When putting together a beer list for a restaurant, the resulting product should read something like an endorsement, even an imprimatur. So that when a customer comes in, I'm able to wholeheartedly recommend anything on the list as being a superb example of its style, be it a Helles-Bock, a......
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