Fans of old-timey California dining spots and seekers of secluded, intimate, low-key, exclusive fine-dining have known about the Old Place for decades. This rustic gem, hidden in the hillside hamlet of Cornell (near Agoura and Malibu Hills) opened as a locals' sanctuary in 1970 and is still run by members of the Runyon family (of Runyon Canyon fame). But what not many people know is that the Old Place is also hallowed ground for Twin Peaks devotees: The building served as the location for the Bookhouse, the clubhouse of Sheriff Truman's secret society (some would less charitably say “gray-area vigilante posse”), the Bookhouse Boys. Where else can you enjoy a hearty plate of exotic game right next to the very spot where Agent Cooper interrogated Bernard Renault? Seating is extremely limited, so make a reservation well in advance or try your luck at the small, first come first served bar area. Alas, coffee, regardless of what Sheriff Truman told Coop in that episode, is not free.

LA Weekly