Gina Pollack

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Best Splurges for Your Doggy BFF

Angelenos love their dogs and know exactly how to pamper them. There is almost nothing that is strictly limited to humans among this city’s luxury purveyors anymore, from high-style grooming to gourmet meals. After treating your pooch to an oatmeal bath and professional massage, you might wonder why you haven’t......
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Best Place to Stop and Enjoy the Traffic: 10/110 Interchange

Los Angeles is known around the world for its miles of winding concrete freeways, which too often go unappreciated. While the days of chatting on the phone during commutes are over, there’s no shortage of fun to be had while sitting bumper-to-bumper. When else would you have time to listen......
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Best Moonlight Stroll: Sierra Club's Griffith Park Hike

Hiking the hills of Griffith Park alone after dark is, unfortunately, ill-advised. Happily, Sierra Club’s Angeles Chapter has your back, offering group hikes of varying difficulty during the week and on weekends — and, once a month, a special moonlight hike. These treks are no secret: Between 150 and 250......
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Best Flamenco Dinner: Cafe Sevilla

Every Saturday night, Arturo Nazzari, the star of the Fuerza Flamenco dance company (also the lead dancer in Cher’s “Dov’e L’Amor” music video), charms the crowd with his quick feet, long curly hair, intense stare (and revealing low-cut shirt), while his partner, Clarissa Hernandez, clicks her castanets and claps to......
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