Los Angeles is known around the world for its miles of winding concrete freeways, which too often go unappreciated. While the days of chatting on the phone during commutes are over, there’s no shortage of fun to be had while sitting bumper-to-bumper. When else would you have time to listen to NPR, try out the mix CD your ex-girlfriend made for you or roll down the window to commiserate over yet another Sig Alert with the cute guy in the car one lane over? When else can you take a deep breath of fumes and treat yourself to a symphony of car horns? The most congested spot in the city is the 10 and 110 interchange. There, you can enjoy gorgeous views of the L.A. Convention Center, Staples Center and lovely downtown without the burden of a carpool lane. With an average of 570,000 cars passing through every 24 hours, you’ll never be lonely. Craving more? Try the runners-up, tied for second place with a daily average of 568,500 vehicles: the 101/405 and the 5/10/60/101. Some people don’t like traffic. In fact, most people hate it. But maybe they’re just in too great a hurry. So sit back, relax and enjoy the road (at the low cost of $4 a gallon).

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