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Bibimbap Plating by Lisa Gilliam; Credit: Susan Park

Ten Things to Cook During Carmageddon

You either planned ahead or you didn't for feeding yourself during carmageddon. If you're a planner, this weekend is perfect for making dishes that take all day or even two days. If you're not a planner, well, clean out your pantry and refrigerator to scrounge for ingredients. Regardless, if you......
Credit: Flickr/Nicholas

Got a Question for Test Kitchen? + Food Photo Submissions

Got a question about recipes or cooking techniques? Ask Test Kitchen. You'd think we'd get an avalanche of questions about recipes and cooking techniques, now wouldn't you? Yes, we do. Actually, we even try to avoid going out in public wearing chef's whites. While shopping for ingredients at Whole Foods......
tartines and salad; Credit: Susan Park

Recipes for Tartines: Open-Faced Sandwiches + Wine Pairings

It's hot. So hot, that we can't bare to turn on the oven and we're more in the mood for shopping than cooking. We went to the Hollywood Farmers Market on Sunday to buy Japanese Momotaro tomatoes from Yasutomi farms and salad greens from Living Lettuce Farms for a light,......
Robuchon's Langoustine Wrapped in Brick Pastry; Credit: Chong B. Ooi

Robuchon's $18 Algerian Egg Roll + Two Easy Recipes

Paula Wolfert introduced North African pastry leaves to Americans using the Moroccan name for them: warka. Over the years we've received a lot of emails from people who had trouble finding warka pastry leaves in the U.S. However, most importers of North African pastry leaves are usually French companies that......
Gomser Cholera

A Recipe from Clifford Wright: Gomser Cholera

Clifford Wright is a James Beard award winning author and culinary instructor at Venice Cooking School with New York Times columnist Martha Rose Shulman. He's been widely hailed as the foremost English speaking expert on Mediterranean cuisines. In his forthcoming book Hot & Cheesy (John Wiley & Sons, 2012) he......
Rib Steak or Côte de Boeuf; Credit: Farid Zadi

A Recipe for Father's Day: Grilled Côte de Boeuf + Wine Pairings

Suggesting a hunk of grilled meat for Father's Day seems predictable. But the weather is perfect just about this time of year and bonding with dad outdoors over an open fire seems like an almost universal pastime. Besides, grilled steak tastes better than a neck tie or a wrench set......
Morels; Credit: Pascal from Flickr

In Season Recipes: Pasta with Morels + Cherry Frangipane Galette

When we think of morels, we think of Fricassée de volaille de Bresse aux Morilles. We grew up just ten miles north of Paul Bocuse's restaurant, near the Pont de Collonges, a place that is world renowned for Bresse chicken in cream sauce with morels. Bocuse is the grandmaster of......
Chef Kristin Ferguson's Strawberry Galette; Credit: Eugene Ahn of Forage Restaurant in Silver Lake

A Recipe From the Chef: Kristin Ferguson's Strawberry Galette

A traditional French fruit galette is a free-form tart made with a basic pâte brisée dough. The galette shell is rolled out into a disk, topped with fresh berries or fruit and the edges folded over by hand. There's no special equipment required, no fussing with an unwieldy dough that......
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