Got a question about recipes or cooking techniques? Ask Test Kitchen. You'd think we'd get an avalanche of questions about recipes and cooking techniques, now wouldn't you? Yes, we do. Actually, we even try to avoid going out in public wearing chef's whites. While shopping for ingredients at Whole Foods just before a cooking class, we were stalked by another customer who trailed us throughout the entire store asking us about onion varieties, how to make paella and French mustard brands. We've been stopped at farmers' markets by random strangers with questions about how to cook garlic scapes or how to preserve blood oranges. Quite frankly, we find it rather exhausting to repeat the same answers again and again in real life. So we'd like to index them here on the blog. Ask away via email and we'll post our answers on Squid Ink.

Calling all chefs, cooks, bloggers, and avid home cooks who love to photograph food. Do you have a great looking photo of a finished dish that you want to share on Test Kitchen? Email us a photo (also at with a brief description of the dish, but don't include a recipe, and we'll try to figure out how it's made. Or, send us the recipe or a link to it on your blog or website and we'll format the recipe per Squid Ink guidelines.

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