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Oxychilus draparnaudi is an introduced species of snail.; Credit: Photo by Jann Vendetti

The NHM Wants You to Instagram Your El Niño Snails

A lot of unusual things show up in L.A. when it rains: umbrellas, puddles, slow drivers. But what has the folks over at the National History Museum of Los Angeles fired up is the emergence of the moisture-loving creatures known as slugs and snails. To capitalize on L.A.’s unusually wet......
Students at the Matthew Kenney Academy; Credit: Courtesy Matthew Kenney Academy

10 of Our Favorite Cooking Classes in L.A.

Whether you’re tired of heating up ravioli from Trader Joe’s and calling it a meal or you want to transform yourself into a full-on gourmand, there’s a cooking class in Los Angeles that will change your game. These classes cover a lot of ground: weekend sushi-making, date-night classes for two,......
Credit: Flickr/Joan

Learn to Pickle at L.A.'s First Fermentation Fest

“Hey baby, wanna pet my scoby?” If there’s one event where a pickup line that weird might work it’s Sunday's Los Angeles Fermentation Festival, where all kinds of food and drink that have gone through the natural, metabolic process will take over the Venice Arts Plaza. A scoby is the......
Da-Le Ranch CSA share; Credit: Lisa Hayes

Why Aren’t There More Meat CSAs in L.A.?

In Southern California, buying seasonal, organic, locally grown vegetables year-round is a way of life. The same, then, should be true for pork, beef, chicken and seafood, right? It’s not. “I wanted to grow my animals in California, have them done in California and sell them to people who live......
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